• Try on both shoes.
  • Perspiration absorbed by shoes evaporates in 24 hours. Therefore, to wear shoes in 1-day interval provides to use them for longer.
  • Wet and damp shoes should be dried at room temperature, not under radiator or sun.
  • Remove the dirt with a slightly damp cloth to clean shoes.
  • It is recommended that shoes be stored after they are ventilated against possible odor and put in shoetree to prevent deformation.
  • It is natural that shoes on which has running stitch take in water from the seam. Therefore, it is recommended not to walk in ponds with this type of shoes as much as possible, especially in rainy and snowy weather.
  • Sweaty feet and snow can cause salinization on the leather. Please be advised of this inconvenience that we can not prevent.
  • If there is no 'waterproof' or 'water resistant' designation on each type of shoe, it may take in some water in the rain.
  • Our sales associates will assist you in the maintenance of shoes made with special materials.
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