About Us – La La Shoeland

La La Shoeland is the story of a genuine passion for sneakers. We created a marketplace, our sneaker La La Land made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We aim to save the planet and reduce the cruelty in this world by using Vegan leather to build our footwear. It is also an ambition: offering a collection with pure lines combined with the most beautiful materials, meticulous manufacturing practices, and innovative details, offering timeless silhouettes while limiting our ecological footprint and creating a community synonymous with our values. 

And yes, our La La Shoeland looks just like that! We are here on the mission, and you, one of our customers, are joining the team and picking the right side. 

Less is more & quality is everything. 

We are attentive to a more respectful and ethical consumption and are committed to offering a brand we want as individuals. We intend to unite a community around our vision of sustainable and social initiatives while inspiring a responsible and reasoned consumption method.” Our sneakers are good-looking, crazy comfy, and consciously made. We knew we wanted to create future classics with an increased lifespan that evolve with you and your sense of style.


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